KTTW Gift Swap 2007


Name Steph


Favorite Color purple, black, fuschia, turquoise


Shoe size 7.5


Hobbies (besides the obvious)

reading, origami


Do you collect anything besides sticks and string?

Key chains. Objects in the shape of turtles and goats.


Favorite food, candy, goodies

Chocolate, tea, esp. Earl Grey, ZUM soap, yummy smelling candles


Things you absolutely don’t like, can’t have because of allergies, or aversions, etc

No synthetic fragrances or plants please. Novelty yarns.


Favorite yarn, stores, brands, online shopping venues, music artist, etc.

Love me some silly t-shirts, such as can be found at threadless.com and noisebot.com Currently in love with Moby and Imogean Heap. Fav local stores are Sophie’s(duh) and Madeline’s Gifts off Hurstbourne._


Do you have a Wish List anywhere? (like Amazon)

Why yes, yes I do.


So this morning I brought in 6 donuts to share. About 10 minutes ago, one of the clerks said, “Did you give the rest of the donuts to the kids?” I say, no. So I asked the other clerk working, “Did you give them to the kids?” Her answer, “No”. So some of our kids, our regular kids, went behind the desk and took the box. You want to know what gets me the most? If they had asked, I would have given them to them. This may sound stupid, but I am really disappointed in these kids. Maybe I shouldn’t be, but dammit, I expected more from them. I give up. Fuck em.

Just a friendly reminder. Tomorrow is Election Day. Polls open at 6 am. Because if you don’t vote, you can’t complain! 🙂 Peace, Steph

If you stroll on over to www.apostropheabuse.com and scroll down to Tuesday, October 9, you’ll see my submission, “Alien’s”. Maybe the fact that it made it onto the front page made me a little to happy, but really, I don’t care, you all already know I’m a huge dork.

Speaking of which, have I mentioned my recent love affair with the magazine Wired? Seriously, why have I not been reading this mag for years? It totally rocks, and you should check it out. I’ve also gotten hooked on The Nation. I figured, it’s getting near election time, so I should probably start trying to follow the political mess, right? And, I am also having a love affair with all things Moby. He’s one of my friends on MySpace, another marker of my geekiness. And, I’m obsessing over the new Office episodes, and the new Bionic Woman. Seriously, watch them both, because I said so. 🙂 Peace. – S

PS. I can’t make it tonight, again – parental duties call, Le sigh.

So last night Chris and I went to Baxter for the final Spoldin’ Summer Series film – Aliens. Now, this might suprise some of you, but I love love love scary, weird, sci-fi movies. I also love really bad horror movies, but that’s a story for another day. So I was very excited to see that Baxter was showing Aliens. And I was apparently not alone in this – they sold out. A tip from one of Chris’s friends led us to thankfully buy our tickets early, and the same friend saved us a spot near the front of the line, so we were able to snag good seats. So, the cut we saw was from a private colection – how snazzy is that, eh? All in all it was pretty freakin’ awesome! It’s been years since I saw any of the Alien films, and 1 and 2 are my favs. The cut even had a preview for Alien:Ressurection. And I personally thought that the grainy texture of the film lent a certain something to the experience. And, FYI, Baxter is showing a different classic horror film every Saturday in October: Creature from the Black Lagoon, in 3D; The Birds; Suspiria(SIC?); Evil Dead 2. Chris and I are going to try to see them all, but we will defs. be going to Evil Dead 2 (one of us*Chris* is a huge zombie film fanatic) I really want to see Creature in 3D.

Also, Rocky was showing last night at the same tme as Aliens, so Chris and I got to reminisce about the goold old days when the Vogue was around. I’ve been to RHPS once at Baxter, and while I think it’s great how the kiddies have embraced the experience and made it their own, it just wasn’t the same. Nothing can compare to Rocky at the Vogue.

I’m out. peace and blessings. – S

Hey look at that, I’m posting after dark! How can that be you ask? Did I finally join the 21st century and get Internet access at my house? Sadly, no. I’m at Chris’ and I’ve temporarily taken over the computer. Mwahaha!

But seriously folks, this past week has been so f’ing crazy. We’ve had some big changes at work, and I have actually been…wait for it…really busy! You can all pick yourselves up off the floor now. I think that this past week has been the best week I’ve ever had at work. Oh wow, Chris just came up and rubbed my neck…I’m in heaven…

So… sorry, I distract easily….Ally’s talking to me now. She has 3 Cinderella’s. One has pretty shoes, and one doesn’t listen to her, it’s legs just keep coming apart…I swear to god, I can’t make this shit up. She is so cute.

Any way, busy. Yes, I’ve been busy. Sadly none of the busy has been knitting related. My current WIP is still stuffed in a garbage bag being deloused. I’m washing the whole bag tomorrow. I’ve been trying to start a sock for Chris, but the damn yarn does not want to cooperate with me. It keeps getting tangled, and twisted. So, I’m going to send it to the dark recesses of the stash, and try a different yarn. And I’ve got a few things cast on, but not much progress to report on any of them.

Sorry I missed SnB last week – I promised Eden that I would go to every other soccer practice, and it was my Wednesday, but I should be there this coming Wednesday. I miss you guys! Peace, I’m out. – S

PS Did I mention that there is a Ministry video playing in the background here? Yeah. I just thought I’d share that with you guys. Cause it’s a VHS. From 89.  Oh, my bad, it’s a DVD rip of the tape. He’s trying to preserve the tape, so he doesn’t play it anymore. Gotta love that…

Hey guys. I’m sorry I missed SnB last night. I have strep, again. Lucky lucky me, right? I’m going back to the ENT next Wednesday for allergy testing, and after that I’ll be scheduling surgery to have my tonsils and adenoids removed. Now I know you guys wish you could be having all this fun, but that’s just too bad. I’m keeping it all to myself!

So this weekend was great though. I got to spend 2 days in a row with Chris. Monday we took the girls up to Indy to see my dad and Barb and the kids. It went so well! The girls got a bit whiny, but all in all they were little angels. We went to Conner Prairie, this nifty reenactment place. It’s set in the 1800’s, and is like what the first towns settled looked like. The people doing the reenactments were awesome. They didn’t come out of character once, and they were all very knowledgeable. Since I, being the forgetful dunce that I am, left my camera in the car, we were only able to snag a few shots with Arthur’s 35 m, so I’ll have to wait for those to be developed.

So that was fun. I woke up Monday with a bit of a sore throat, but it went away after I took my allergy medicine, so no problem. It was fine the whole stinking day, until about 7, when we’re getting ready to leave. By the time we got back to Louisville, my throat was killing me, and it just got worse as the night went on. Tuesday when I woke up and checked the situation, it was like, wow, that doesn’t look good. Yeah, your tonsils shouldn’t touch each other, ya know? So off to the doc I go, and surprise, surprise, it’s strep. So I spent all day Tuesday and Wednesday in a nice medicated daze. Still not 100% today, but my note from the doc only said I needed to be off until Thursday, so…

Still chugging away on the bibs for Someone Special. That’s all I’ve got. Later peeps.

Alright so I know I’ve been promising FO pics for like forever….well, guess what?Bibs!

PIctures! Two finished bibs! Aren’t thry luverly!? Both are done in dishcloth cotton, Bib O’ Love pattern from MDK, velcro closure idea courtesy of Jessie.Bib O Love 1

I was a bad knitter last night. I had to miss SnB…again. Mum went out to dinner with some friends, and Ryan has switched to getting E on Thursdays, becasue Syd has some type of practice Wednesday night,a nd ya know, goddess forbid he should miss one of those – even though he has never, not once gone to any practices or games for E. Jackass.

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